Public Policy

The Hindu American Foundation is the only Hindu advocacy organization educating and interacting with leaders in public policy about issues affecting the Hindu American community.  HAF consistently reaches out to and meets with Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle in order to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Press Releases 

06/11/2014 - Bangladesh Takes Center Stage on Capitol Hill as HAF Marks 11th Annual DC Advocacy Days
05/16/2014 - HAF Congratulates Indian People on World's Largest Exercise in Democracy
04/10/2014 - US Congressman Introduces Legislation to Protect Access to Religious Workers
04/04/2014 - US Congressmen Question "Hidden Agenda" at Hearing on India
02/18/2014 - HAF Applauds Rep. Perry's Withdrawal of Support for Anti-Hindu Resolution
02/04/2014 - HAF Welcomes Vibrant Election Campaign for CA-17 Congressional Race
12/15/2013 - New Report Exposes Controversial Links of Radical Anti-India Coalition
12/05/2013 - Pro-Islamist Groups Hires Lobbyist to Push Resolution Slamming India
11/20/2013 - "Protect Hindu Rights" - Central Theme of Congressional Hearing on Bangladesh 
11/19/2103 - Indian Americans Dismiss "Flawed and Grossly Inaccurate" House Resolution on India
11/08/2013 - Hindu Americans Congratulate Senate on Passage of ENDA
06/25/2013 - California Declares October 'Hindu American Awareness & Appreciation Month'
06/06/2013 - Historic First as Hindus Celebrate Decade of Advocay on Capitol Hill 
04/25/2013 - HAF Highlights Plight of Pakistani Hindu Refugees at Capitol Hill Briefing
04/22/2013 - HAF Applauds Sen. Corbett's Resolution for Hindu American Awareness & Appreciation Month
04/12/2013 - Americans Demand Justice for Persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh, at White House
02/19/2013 - "There is fear 24 hours a day," Pakistani Hindu Refugee tells HAF
01/10/2013 - Hindu Americans Share Perspectives with Vice President as Nation Grapples with Reducing Gun Violence
01/03/2013 - First Hindu American Congressional Leader Takes Oath on Bhagavad Gita as 113th Congress Convenes
12/05/2012 - Bipartisan Congressional Letter Demands End to Religious Persecution in Pakistan
11/17/2012 - State of Belief: Milestones at the Intersection of Religion and Politics (audio)
11/07/2012 - Hindu Americans fete first Hindu in Congress as Tulsi Gabbard prevails in Hawaii
10/22/2012 - HAF highlights persecution of minority women in Pakistan at Capitol Hill briefing
09/21/2012 - Hindu Americans promote pluralism and religious freedom at ninth annual D.C. Advocacy Days
06/05/2012 - Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012 passes in CA State Assembly
03/22/2012 - Hindu Americans protest disgraced academic invited to speak before U.S. Congress
03/06/2012 - HAF inaugurates first Sacramento Advocacy Day
02/28/2012 - HAF profoundly disappointed by Rick Santorum's take on religious liberty
02/17/2012 - HAF censures attacks on Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia, potential attack in Thailand
02/06/2012 - HAF submits overview of religious freedom issues face by Hindus to USCIRF (pdf download)
01/26/2012 - HAF encouraged by meeting with Norwegian Ambassador to U.S.
01/23/2012 - Hindu Americans appalled by Rick Santorum's bigotry
01/06/2012 - HAF strongly condemns anti-Huntsman political ad

Archived Press Releases (2004 - 2011)

DC Days Awards: Hall of Fame

Since 2005, the Hindu American Foundation has honored esteemed individuals at its annual DC Day's Capitol Hill reception.  From public policy leaders to interfaith activists to community leaders, the Foundation has shown a commitment to recognizing those who work to strengthen the ideals of pluralism, tolerance and understanding.  Click here to view a listing of the award receipts.

Sign-On Letters

The following are letters, which HAF has signed, that have been commissioned and spearheaded by various organizations.  Clicking on the link will download a pdf file of the letter.
04/14/2014 - IRF Coalition letter urging the House to pass Freedom of Faith Act
04/03/2014 - IRF Coalition letter urging Sec Kerry to designate Pakistan as CPC
07/12/2013 - NRCAT letter to Obama supporting closure of Guantanamo
06/23/2013 - CARD Coalition letter to new Director of WH Office of Faith-based Neighborhood Parternship
06/11/2013 - Coalition letter to Sec. Kerry urging CPC designation of Pakistan and other countries
02/27/2013 - CARD Coalition letter opposing federally funded employment discrimination in VAWA
11/28/2012 - CARD Coalition letter on religious liberty protection, Executive Order 13559
09/10/2012 - Coalition letter in support of Religious Worker Visa Program extention
07/16/2012 - Letter to Sec. Clinton expressing concern about restrictions on religion in Kazakhstan
06/19/2012 - Coaltion letter to Senate Foreign Affairs Committee to ratify UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
06/14/2012 - Letter to Congress in support of Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act
05/18/2012 - Coalition letter to Sec. Clinton urging release of CPC designations in concurrence with International Religious Freedom report
05/15/2012 - Coalition letter to Rules Committee to vote against federally funded employment discrimination
03/05/2012 - Joint letter to Helsinki Commission expressing concerns about religious freedom restrictions in Russia
02/27/2012 - Joint letter to Pres. Obama on USCIRF Commissioner appointment
02/21/2012 - Coalition statement on religions in political campaigns -  "Interfaith Statement of Principles"
02/06/2012 - Joint letter to Economic Development Administration opposing Regulatory Revision
02/03/2012 - Joint letter to Dept of Housing and Urban Development to reject Interim Rule section
10/12/2011 - Joint letter to Sec. Clinton expressing concern over Pastor Nadarkhani's death sentence in Iran
09/30/2011 - Interfaith organization's letter to HHS urging removal of "religious refusal" clause which may exlude women from preventive health services
06/29/2011 - Coalition letter to Sec. Clinton concerning proposed religion law in Hungary
06/21/2011 - Coalition Letter to President Obama on 70th Anniversary of Exec Order 8802
05/17/2011 - Coalition Letter urging Sec. Clinton to designate Pakistan as a CPC
05/09/2011 - Coalition Letter to USAID opposing proposed rule, "Participation by Religious Organizations in USAID Programs"
03/07/2011 - Coalition Letter to Sen. Kerry & Lugar on Ambassador for International Religious Freedom
08/04/2010 - Coalition Letter to Secretary Sebelius on Bullying, Cyberbullying and Harassment
08/04/2010 - Coalition Letter to Secretary Duncan on Bullying, Cyberbullying and Harassment
08/04/2010 - Coalition Letter to Attorney General Holder on Bullying, Cyberbullying and Harassment
08/02/2010 - Thank You Letter to Congresswoman Johnson for H. Res 1593
06/22/2010 - Letter to Obama Concerning Religious Freedom in Russia
06/22/2010 - Letter to Congress Concerning Religious Freedom in Russia
06/18/2010 - Letter to Nadler Requesting Examination of Faith-Based Initiative
06/17/2010 - Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee about Kagan Confirmation Hearings
05/27/2010 - HAF Endorses Workplace Religious Freedom Act (WRFA)
05/21/2010 - Letter to Rep. Kennedy Concerning SAMHSA's Charitable Choice Provisions
11/06/2009 - Letter to Congress to Retain CLASS Act
11/01/2009 - Letter to Obama Urging Closing of Guantanamo
09/17/2009 - Letter to Attorney General Holder on RFRA
09/09/2009 - Letter to President's Advisory Council to Restore Religious Liberty Protections
09/02/2009 - Letter to Homeland Security Subcommittee in Support of Section 571 of HR2892
07/20/2009 - Letter to Senate Opposing Amendments to HCPA
07/08/2009 - Letter to Congress Supporting Special Immigrant Non-Minister Extension

Action Alert

12/04/2013 - Call your Representative - H.Res 417 is Anti-India and Anti-Hindu
11/03/2011 - Tell Kentucky's Senator Williams to apologize for intolerant remarks
10/18/2011 - Call your Senators today to support the Diwali Resolution
07/12/2007 - Hindu American Foundation Urges Members to Take Action in Support of Senate Hindu Prayer