HAF understands the importance of working with the media to ensure fair, accurate and balanced coverage of Hinduism. As the Foundation has attended various media workshops over the years, it has developed relationships with journalists and reporters to provide them with a professional Hindu body to use as a resource. Furthermore, HAF closely monitors media coverage of Hindus and Hinduism, and consistently responds to inaccurate and biased coverage.

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From the Huffington Post

04/16/2014 - Church-State Separation and the Ongoing Culture Wars
04/01/2014 - The Dharma of Cesar Chavez
03/14/2014 - Academic Integrity: It's What's Missing at the AAR
03/14/2014 - Mentoring: The Hindu-American Community's Great Seva
03/05/2014 - The Challenge of Pluralism: Public Space for Me, but Not for Thee
02/25/2014 - The Potential Challenges of Temple Visits as Teaching Tools
02/12/2014 - Indian Censorship and the Curious Case of Wendy Doniger
02/12/2014 - Why India Needs Sexual Literacy
02/03/2014 - Why State Textbook Reviews Matter for Minority Faith Groups
01/30/2014 - Smithsonian's Yoga: The Art of Transformation Brings to Light Yoga's Hindu Roots...Almost
01/25/2014 - Can Shared Histories Bring People Together?
01/09/2014 - It's Not Revisionist History when It's Actually Accurate
12/19/2013 - Sometimes It's More than Cultural Sensitivity - It's about Common Sense
12/18/2013 - In Our Rush to Common Core, Let's Not Forget What Students are Learning
11/20/2013 - Nelson Mandela: A Hero to Hindus
11/11/2013 - Not Caste in Color: Dispelling Myths in Our Classrooms
10/23/2013 - Why Hindus Need to be Part of Anti-Bullying Efforts
09/30/2013 - The Need for Journalists to Take Hinduism 101
09/11/2013 - Remember the Goddess within Us
09/06/2013 - How do we move discussions about Hinduism beyond India?
08/30/2013 - An Encyclopedia of Hinduism? 
08/20/2013 - Off to college? Let the self-discovery begin
08/12/2013 - Educating our teachers: A community's unappreciated right
08/01/2013 - Swami Vivekananda and his legacy of social justice
07/24/2013 - Attention fellow progressive activists and intellectuals - It's OK to be Hindu!
07/03/2013 - The verdict is in: Asana aka yoga is cool in school
03/07/2013 - International Women's Day: Arise! Awake! My Hindu sisters

Archived Huffington Post Blogs (2010-2012) Entries by Padma Kuppa

03/26/2014 - Faith, Hope and Love: Rev. Dana Trent and her Hindu Husband, Advocates for Pluralism
03/05/2014 - Culture Wars Around the World: Evangelism's Impact in Uganda on LGBT Rights
02/17/2014 - Books, Lies and Videotape: Doniger's Misrepresentations about Hindu History
02/02/2014 - Accepting an Inclusive Identity - On Being an Indian-American Hindu
01/17/2014 - Celebrating the Legacy of MLK Jr with Empathy, to Ensure Equality
11/26/2013 - Faith in the Public Square: Inclusive or Exclusive?
10/06/2013 - Gadadhara Pandit Dasa Shares his Journey in Urban Monk
09/08/2013 - Avoiding Rock Bottom by Advocating for Peace
08/22/2013 - Passing on the Hindu Faith
02/28/2013 - Women are Natural Change-Agents
01/09/2013 - Ending Violence against Women
12/13/2012 - Asymmetry of Power: Proselytization, Poverty, and Race
11/29/2012 - The Hindu-ness of Rob Bell
11/28/2012 - Mimicry, Mockery, or Mumukshutva? Jeffery Long's Response to Deepak Sarma
11/13/2012 - Diwali's invitation to transcend differences
10/31/2012 - From sacred space to Hindu community
09/23/2012 - Creating goodness out of loss
09/06/2012 - The boon of political diverisity among Indian-Americans
08/22/2012 - Human Boundaries, Human Rights
08/08/2012 - Hoping to move beyond intolerance
07/25/2012 - Spiritual open house
06/20/2012 - Both-And: A Guide to Raising Interfaith Kids
06/06/2012 - Will Saptapadi shape our marriages?
05/23/2012 - Advocacy leads to new opportunities
05/09/2012 - The whole world is one family
04/26/2012 - Celebrating earth with non-violence
04/12/2012 - Glimmers of hope
03/21/2012 - Finding our way to the interfaith table
03/07/2012 - Happy Holi!
02/23/2012 - Shall we dance with our Muslim friends?
02/09/2012 - Keeping our eyes on those in need
01/26/2012 - The eternal dharma and the beloved community
01/12/2012 - Comedy, chai, and the Hindu heritage

Archived Blogs (2010-2011)

Washington Post/Newsweek "On Faith" Blog Entries by Dr. Aseem Shukla

05/17/2012 - The beef over beef: A student protest devolves in India
03/01/2012 - Mahatma Gandhi, Mormon?
11/24/2011 - A Hindu Thanksgiving prayer
10/26/2011 - In Diwali celebrations, Hindus assimilate in America
09/29/2011 - Wealth is good, not goal
08/24/2011 - Ancient Hinduism enlightens modern notions of evolution
07/11/2011 - A Hindu temple treasure dilemma: Answers from the ancients
07/08/2011 - Losing my 'religion' - and the call of the Dalai Lama
06/02/2011 - Time to face the Karma debt: Consequences of sex-selective abortion in India
05/26/2011 - Oprah is a dharma seer
05/04/2011 - After bin Laden, more questions
04/14/2011 - Guest Blog: Gender discrimination a cultural bias, not religious truth
04/08/2011 - Jones shows the folly of 'one true faith'
03/03/2011 - Abortion: Pro-choice and pro-karma
01/13/2011 - Political monotheism and the slippery slope to Tucson

Archived Washington Post "On Faith" Blogs (2009-2010)

Blogs and Columns by Prof. Ramesh Rao

11/10/2012 - From the Pioneer: Defeat for Sociopathology
08/25/2012 - From the Pioneer: At the Mad Widow's Wedding
08/06/2012 - From Imperialist Goals Masked in the Garb of Religious Freedom
06/27/2012 - From Reincarnation, or Punar-Janma: What Evidence, to What End?
05/12/2012 - From the Pioneer: Don't Shoot the Messenger
04/18/2012 - From Effulgent Light of the Radiant Sun
03/07/2012 - From Sadhguru - Version 2
02/18/2012 - From the Pioneer: Creeping religion, crouching secularism
02/14/2012 - From Gurus wear different garb
01/16/2012 - From The Bhagavad Gita's True Intent
01/03/2012 - From A sense of place
12/30/2011 - From the Pioneer: Truth from the cosmic Brahman
12/06/2011 - From Of "Tears and Bliss"
11/17/2011 - From Now it is the turn of the Hindus
10/17/2011 - From The land of the luminous smile
09/25/2011 - From Sadhu's, India's wondering monks
09/09/2011 - From the Pioneer: We are like that only
08/06/2011 - From the Pioneer: Champagne, seminar, and ISI
06/09/2011 - From the Pioneer: Dharma destroyed, destroys
02/12/2011 - From the Pioneer: Uncle Sam's World is Collapsing
01/27/2011 - From the Guardian: The American immersion into Hinduism
12/02/2010 - From the Guardian: It is wrong to deny that yoga has its origins in Hinduism
10/18/2010 - From the Pioneer: Deja vu over Ayodhya
09/30/2010 - From the Guardian: Ayodhya is emblematic of Indian democracy
08/25/2010 - From the Washington Post: Malaysia: Is it moderate, and is it modern?
01/21/2010 - From the Washington Post: Is There Such a Thing as Karma
12/19/2009 - From the Washington Post: When You Stop Believing - A Hindu View
12/10/2009 - From the Washington Post: When Prayer Doesn't Seem to Work

Letters to the Editor

01/05/2014 - HAF writes to New York Times on Yoga exhibition at Smithsonian
06/18/2012 - HAF writes to New York Times on blaming airline woes on caste system
04/16/2012 - HAF sends LTE to New York Times on yoga and Gita reference
04/13/2012 - HAF writes to New York Times highlighting human rights violations in Bangladesh
08/04/2011 - New York Times publishes HAF's LTE: Set preconditions for American aid to Pakistan
06/06/2011 - HAF writes to Star Tribune about Christian Yoga
05/01/2011 - HAF's LTE published in New York Times: Hindu rituals in Queens
10/26/2010 - HAF posts Comment to WSJ's flippant blog on Karva Chauth
10/03/2010 - HAF replies to Mishra's NY Times Op-Ed: "Games India isn't ready to play"
08/31/2010 - HAF writes to NY Times correcting Hindu caste reference
07/02/2010 - HAF replies to Joel Stein's offensive article
06/10/2010 - HAF replies to Dalrymple's "Rush Hour of the Gods"
06/07/2010 - HAF signs LTE for creation of Houston Public Defender (pdf)
05/10/2010 - HAF commends piece highlighting Bhutanese sufferings
04/13/2010 - HAF refutes LA Times' attempt to delink Yoga from Hinduism
02/10/2010 - CNN misleads readers about Muslim invention

Archived Letters to the Editor (2004 - 2009)

Press Releases

10/06/2012 - HAF presents on caste-based discrimination at Religion Newswriters Association conference
03/09/2012 - HAF hosts panel on Hinduism in the Media
01/22/2011 - Op-Ed, Readers' Forum: Predatory conversions send a message of bigotry and religious triumphalism
01/19/2011 - HAF writes to Saturday Night Live about offensive Ganesha skit
11/27/2010 - HAF's Take Back Yoga Campaign Hits the New York Times
11/19/2010 - HAF Reacts to Obama-raja Newsweek Cover
09/23/2010 - Media Silent in Face of New Anti-Hindu Attacks, Foundation Alleges
08/16/2010 - Eat, Pray, Love: Hindu Friendly, Though Not Explicitly Hindu
07/09/2009 - HAF Welcomes Burger King's Swift Removal of Offensive Ad
07/07/2009 - Foundation Demands Burger King Remove Offensive Ad
01/10/2009 - "Story of India" Misses the Mark on India's History, Hindu Watchdog Group Announces 
06/20/2008 - "The Love Guru" is Vulgar but not Hinduphobic
06/13/2008 - HAF Critical of Paramount Picture Refusal for Pre-Screening of "The Love Guru"
10/24/2004 - HAF Attends Religion Newswriters Association Annual Conference