Reaching out to and developing relationships with various faith and interfaith groups has always been a part of HAF’s advocacy efforts. The Foundation has worked with these groups on common issues such as religious liberty and hate speech.

Press Releases

07/23/2014 - Pew Poll Surprise: Many Americans have Negative Impression of Hindu Americans
04/14/2014 - On Eve of Passover, Hindu Americans Mourn Those Lost to Anti-Semitic Attack
07/08/2013 - HAF Condemns Attack on Sacred Buddhist Shrine in India
03/13/2013 - Hindu Americans Welcome New Pope - Hope for Better Dialogue
08/05/2012 - Dharma Community Shares in Grief of Sikh Americans
02/03/2012 - HAF Condemns Attack on Ahmadiyya Mosque
03/04/2011 - Blog Post - From the Wild Hunt: Caste, Cow, Karma and Magic at PantheaCon 2011
02/23/2011 - Hindu Americans Promote Pluralism at PantheaCon 2011
10/26/2010 - HAF Highlights Persecution of Hindus in Muslim-Majority Countries
10/19/2010 - Former BBC-India Chief Highlights Multiple Paths to God
09/21/2010 - On International Peace Day, HAF Calls for Communal Harmony in Ayodhya
09/09/2010 - Hindu Americans Join Chorus against Religious Intolerance
09/07/2010 - HAF Welcomes Hindu Temple Reversal on Hosting Hindu Monk
08/27/2010 - HAF Concerned over California Mosque Attack
07/19/2010 - HAF Thanks Zazzle for Removing Offensive Designs
07/07/2010 - HAF and Faith Groups Request Zazzle to Remove Offensive Products
12/13/2009 - Hindu Americans Take Global Stage at Parliament of World Religions
06/17/2009 - Hindus and Jews Unite on Capitol Hill in Rare Meeting of Religious Leaders
11/07/2008 - Hindu Americans Add Their Own Flavor to ONE Campaign
03/23/2008 - Hindu American Foundation Speaks at Roundtable Hosted by Council on Foreign Relations
03/06/2008 - HAF Meets with Suriname’s Permanent Mission to the UN
02/26/2008 - Hindu American Foundation Joins in Historic Hindu-Jewish Summit Held in Israel
01/27/2008 - Hindu American Foundation Disturbed by Comments about Jews by Arun Gandhi

11/19/2007 - HAF Condemns Destruction of Hindu Temples in Malaysia, Calls for Support to Protesting Malay Hindus
04/19/2007 - HAF Shares Grief in Virigina Tech Shootings
03/06/2007 - Hindu Americans Expose Online Hate in Latest Report
02/02/2007 - Hindu American Foundation Responds to Alleged Anti-Semitic Sign on Indian Train
06/02/2006 - HAF Welcomes Statement on Conversions by Vatican and World Council of Churches
04/03/2006 - HAF, AJC Condemn References to Hindus and Jews in Pakistani Military Pamphlet
03/24/2006 - Hindu American Foundation Signs Interfaith Statement on Immigration Reform
02/11/2006 - Hindu Americans Shocked by Alabama Church Burnings
02/07/2006 - Hindu American Foundation Condemns Blasphemous Muslim Cartoons
09/08/2005 - HAF Calls for Charitable Contributions for Hurricane Katrina Victims
04/21/2005 - Hindu American Foundation Cautious on Election of Cardinal Ratzinger to Pope Benedict XV
04/02/2005 - Hindu American Foundation Expresses Sadness over the Death of Pope John Paul II
12/30/2004 - Hindu American Foundation Disturbed by Reports of Proselytization
12/30/2004 - HAF Expresses Sympathy for Tsunami Victims, Call for Charitable Giving
10/20/2004 - HAF Stresses Common Lineage of Jews and Hindus to San Francisco Jewish Leaders
05/19/2004 - HAF Interacts with Jewish American Leaders at the Annual Policy Conference of the AIPAC

News & Events

03/21/2010 - HAF Delivers Power of Namaste Speech at Interfaith Seder
11/06/2009 - HAF Signs Interfaith Disability Advocacy Coalition Letter Supporting Community First Choice Option and CLASS (click to download)
05/22/2007 - Congressman Stark Lauds HAF's Efforts to Expose Hinduphobic Websites
04/23/2007 - Hindu American Foundation participates in Interfaith Panel on Immigration
01/23/2007 - HAF and AJC to Co-Host Panel on India in the 21st century
12/20/2005 - Academic Bias Discussed in Joint Program Hosted by HAF and AJC
07/02/2005 - Hindu American Foundation Hosts Successful Dallas Outreach Program
05/02/2005 - Hindu American Foundation Meets with the Simon Wiesenthal Center
04/25/2005 - Hindu American Foundation Meets with Religious and Community Leaders in Sri Lanka
10/20/2004 - Hindu American Foundation Meets with the American Jewish Committee

Letters to the Editor

07/19/2007 - HAF Responds to Disruption of First Senate Hindu Prayer

10/03/2005 - HAF Offers Condolences to SWC on the Passing of Simon Wiesenthal
09/05/2005 - HAF Protests Christian Appropriation of Yoga
04/30/2005 - Hindu American Foundation Commends Aga Khan for Commitment to Pluralism
08/24/2004 - India Abroad Letter to Editor from Living Waters Ministries
07/09/2004 - Inflammatory Remarks by Evangelist Ravi Zacharias in India Abroad